The philanthropic royal, along with HH Sheikh Mohammed, is on a mission to help South Sudanese refugees…

She has described the situation in South Sudan as “a conflict that continues with no resolution in sight“, but HRH Princess Haya bint Al Hussein is trying to ease some suffering with her latest initiative.

The royal, along with her husband HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has organised for Dhs1.68 million of aid to be flown to refugees from the war-stricken African nation.

Using a plane donated by HH Sheikh Mohammed, 95 metric tonnes of relief supplies were sent from Dubai’s International Humanitarian City to refugee camps in Uganda this week.

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Among the items flown out are 10,000 kitchen sets, 4,000 solar lanterns, and 500 plastic sheets, destined to provide support for the 830,000 South Sudanese people who have fled violence by fleeing across the border.

Tragically, over 62 per cent of the refugees arriving into Uganda are children.

يتم تحميل إمدادات الإغاثة في المدينة العالمية للخدمات الإنسانية لنقلها جوًا إلى مخيمات لاجئي جنوب السودان في أوغندا. ويجري شحن 95.3 طن متري من المساعدات من مفوضية شؤون اللاجئين على متن طائرة الشحن 747 بي، التي تبرع بها صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم. ولكن على الرغم من الجهود الحثيثة التي تبذلها المفوضية من أجل مواجهة أزمة اللاجئين. فإنه من المحزن والمثير للقلق أن نرى بأن اللاجئين من جنوب السودان لم يعد لديهم ما يكفي للبقاء على قيد الحياة، وهم بحاجة ماسة للمساعدات. إنهم ضحايا الانهيار الاقتصادي والصراع الدائم، الذي يستمر من دون أي أفقٍ للحل تاركًا الملايين من الناس، بمن فيهم الكثير من الأطفال، فريسةً للجوع. لاشك بأنه من واجبنا تقديم المساعدات، ولكننا أيضًا بحاجة لإنهاء هذه الحرب. فما يحدث اليوم لم يعد بالإمكان تجاهله، دعونا نتحرك معًا من أجل وضع حدّ لهذا الصراع. Relief supplies being loaded at the International Humanitarian City to be airlifted to South Sudanese Refugee camps in Uganda. In total 95.3 metric tonnes of relief is being supplied by UNHCR on a 747B cargo aircraft donated by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The UNHCR is frontline in the global refugee crisis, and its work is phenomenal. The sad and frightening truth is that the refugees fleeing South Sudan no longer have the means to survive and are in desperate need of this aid. They are the victims of a collapsing economy and conflict; a conflict that continues with no resolution in sight that has left millions the victim of famine, including many children. Yes, we need to deliver aid but we also need to force an end to this war. We can no longer ignore what is going on. We all need to act now. @unrefugees

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The United Nations has previously warned that Uganda is at “breaking point”, with at least 2,000 refugees pouring into the country each day, escaping war and famine.

This isn’t the first relief the Emirates has sent to refugees in Uganda either – the UAE government sent more than 100 tonnes of emergency aid to camps in 2016.

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Princess Haya previously visited South Sudan in 2014, and penned a moving essay about her experience just last month.

“I have seen a lot of suffering in my role as a UN Messenger of Peace with a focus on hunger and extreme poverty, but Gambella was a new experience,” HRH wrote on LinkedIn.

“Despite the best efforts of dedicated UN workers, NGOs and the Government of Ethiopia, the camp was overwhelmed by the unending stream of desperate, hungry people. It was a muddy hellhole.

“I will never forget one mother I met – a proud woman, who had walked with her children for days to reach the relative safety of Gambella. She had no idea where her husband was, or even whether he was still alive. He had been swept up in the conflict that remains the root cause of her country’s descent into chaos.

#Repost @unrefugees – 1 million children have now fled South Sudan #instavideo #video #southsudan

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“The 100,000 South Sudanese who struggle to survive beyond the brink, in the famine zone, are the most unlucky of all. The sad reality is, it may too late to save many of them. But it is not to late to pull others back from the brink.”

This isn’t the first time the philanthropic royals have devoted resources to a worthy cause.

Princess Haya personally supervised the delivery of Dhs1.29 million worth of aid to Haiti, after the country was devastated by a deadly tropical cyclone in October.

Transported on a plane personally owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed, Princess Haya manned the distribution of supplies including water purification units, mosquito nets, medical supplies, tents and other support equipment.

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Image: Dubai Media Office