Saudi entrepreneur Adwa Al Dakheel shares her success story in partnership with Porsche while being a prominent youth figure in the Kingdom.

Can you talk us through your career?

I was always driven to be financially independent. My career started off in the finance world as a stock trader. That was a world I was curious about, so little by little I managed to save up $4,000 by the time I was 16-years-old. I managed to open up an account in Forex trading, and the first day I doubled the $4,000 into $8,000. The second day, I lost everything. I was actually minus $126, and this made my financial obsession stronger. I continued as a trader from my teenage years up until I went to college – that was when I switched into options and derivative trading where I won first place in3 capital trading market competitions by TD Bank before graduating from college. After that, I took my flying license as a hobby and came back to Saudi Arabia to start my business. In 2018, I launched Falak Investment Hub which does venture capital investments and the first-ever investment-backed acceleration programs in KSA.

You’re a woman of many firsts in your career. What is it like being a woman in this region to pave the way for others?

There were many inspirational Saudi women before me who overcame gender barriers to achieve a string of firsts for women in the Kingdom. In terms of my own achievements, I try to look ahead because there is still so much more that I want to accomplish.

What are your hopes for women in the future in your country?

The recent developments in Saudi have paved the way for women and youth leadership. There’s the talent, innovation and the vision to achieve extraordinary things and the sky is the limit. For example, Falak is 80 per cent female, which wasn’t planned. Where I want to see further change outside Falak, though, is an increase in female participation on boards which will hopefully happen in the near future and years to come.

Can you talk us through the campaign with Porsche to inspire young females across the GCC?

When I think of Porsche, I associate the brand with performance and agility – something that is essential in the business that I’m in. Just recently, I’ve been involved in their most recent campaign around the launch of the new Panamera, where Porsche has shone a spotlight on unique and inspiring stories of Arab women from across the region who are making significant strides within their line of work. It was such an honour I to work with some of the region’s most talented females from the world of business. I hope the campaign will inspire young women in the Kingdom to enter into industries that they might not feel is achievable.

To you, what does being a role model mean? How do you execute being a positive role model to others?

I believe I’ve reached a stage where I am financially independent and sustainable, so now it’s my time to do something for society. It is by lifting others up you reach the true potential. That’s the most important thing to me.

What do you believe it takes to break down barriers in male-dominated professions to make positive strides for women in this region?

It starts with believing in yourself and your abilities. I’ve learned that nothing comes without backlash and nothing good comes without a price. My life motto is work smarter not harder. We face obstacles on a day to day basis – what matters is your perspective and how you overcome them.

What advice would you give to young women in this region?

You are the future leaders, and there are no boundaries for our achievement. If you have a strong work ethic and always challenge yourself, you can achieve anything you want. The comfort zone is one of the greatest enemies of human potential. Once you have a comfort zone you are limiting yourself to achieve your biggest goals and ambitions.

What have been three hurdles you have experienced in your career?

I don’t believe in hurdles, as I believe every challenge and failure I’ve faced has had a positive note and an important lesson towards anything else I do.

What have been three major milestones in your career?

Winning first place in 3 Capital Trading Market competitions by TD Bank across New England; getting my private pilot license; and launching Falak Investment Hub and Ns3a Recruitment Software.

This is ‘The Positivity Issue’ – how do you plan to instil positivity in your life throughout 2021?

One of my biggest inspirations is human potential. You can do anything you want if you dedicate yourself to it. Always see the glass half full, accept obstacles and take on challenges.

From January’s – ‘The Positivity Issue’ of Emirates Woman

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