For magazine-worthy wedding photographs (without the aid of (Photoshop), read on for our top tips from industry experts…

Step #1 Go Natural

For picture-perfect bridal make-up, you’ve got to carefully consider the colour of your dress as well as your skin tone and eye colour. “If you want to get married in white and you have light-coloured skin; avoid wearing heavy make-up,” says Stefanie Ost, Founder and CEO of SO Famous. “Bridal make-up should give your skin a natural tone, but you should avoid hardening your face with dark eyeliner. Avoid wearing too much highlighter or sparkling eyeshadow as the camera flash will make it appear as though your skin and eyes are washed out – select a matte highlighter instead for a flawless finish.”

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Newlyweds in the country

Step #2 Trial and Error

Taking your dress and shoes for a test drive before your wedding is essential if you want to be comfortable and worry free. “Ask a friend to take pictures of you twirling, walking, dancing – so you can see how the fabric moves and how the dress behaves before the big day,” suggests Sarah Joan Ross, Style Director of Emirates Woman Group. “If the gown moves particularly well, you’ll be confident to do it again in front of the photographer.” Breaking in your shoes is also essential, so you can walk tall and comfortably. “Before styling a big catwalk show I insist the models walk in their shoes on a hard surface such as marble,” adds Sarah. “Plus, scoring the bottom will help you feel more secure.”

Step #3 Visualisation

If the thought of being on camera and in front of all those people is more than mildly terrifying, taking a deep breath and pretending to be relaxed may be the key to actually feeling it. “When we visualise things perfectly our mind does not differentiate from it really happening so it’s as if you’re capturing the emotions and feelings of joy without physically going through the process, ” says Acting Coach and Casting Director Miranda Davidson. “It also has the added bonus of taking the tension off your shoulders and face, perfect for when you’re posing for pictures.”

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Step #4 Posing

Wedding Photographer Rebecca Hobday recommends tearing out photographs from magazines and giving them to your photographer as a guide. “Study the photos, look at the way the models and other brides pose, and it’ll give you an idea on how you can stand or sit in your own photographs,” advises Rebecca. “Even just looking at celebrities on the red carpet can help. Notice how they are rarely captured ‘square on’ to the camera. They’re always turned slightly to the side (slims body), have their arm on their hip (makes arms look toned) and all their weight on the back leg, with the front leg pointing towards the camera (elongates their legs).”

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