Planning the ultimate baby shower can be a daunting task. With a few helpful tips from Zainab Alsalih, managing director of Carousel weddings, you’ll be armed with everything you need to know, to plan the perfect day to remember.

1. Plan Everything

It’s really important that you plan it well enough that you have a beautiful day, and enjoy it as well!

 2. Timing is key

As your pregnancy starts to become more of a physical burden, it’s best to hold the baby shower in the first few weeks of your last trimester.

 3. Send Invitations Early

Give guests time to get organised and for you to have a better idea of the numbers you should expect – knowing the numbers, and getting your RSVP’s in place is vital to planning the event well.

 4. Always Start with Your Venue

Some venues dictate certain formats, or lend themselves better to certain themes, so chose where you want to have the celebrations then let the space dictate the theme.

5. Think Outside The Box

The sky is the limit with baby shower themes. Your theme and colour palette does not have to be specifically boy or girl, pink or blue. A baby shower is all about celebrating an important milestone in your life and should reflect your style accordingly, the place you live, the season, and your culture.  It’s not just about the baby – it’s just as much about you.

6. Keep Your Guests Entertained

Interactive games are a lot of fun, and a great way to get your guests to mingle and relax, especially if some of them are meeting each other for the first time.

 7. Give Favours Your Guests Can Use

Favours/gifts aren’t essential but if you do want to give your guests something to remember the day by make sure it’s something that’s practical. Trinkets, while they look good and may cost more, are becoming less and less appealing to people due to lack of functionality. A customised candle, soaps, flip flops, and edible favours are a lot more appreciated, and much more practical too.

8. Pick A Host

Whether it’s a close friend, or a family member, it is best to have someone host the shower on your behalf, as it’s very difficult for you to have to be up and about ensuring that everything is taken care of.  This event is about you and your baby.  You have to be relaxed enough to enjoy it.

9. Take Photos

Have a professional photographer there to document the event. There is nothing better than looking back at the pictures and enjoying the day over and over again.

10. Keep It Personal

A guest list should be limited to close friends and family. A baby shower is a very intimate and personal event and it is important to be surrounded by those that matter most to the mother, and that they are all there to genuinely celebrate the occasion with you.


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