King Abdullah II has received a warm welcome home from his children after undergoing urgent surgery in Germany.

The Jordanian monarch touched down in Jordan with his wife Queen Rania yesterday after recovering from back surgery.

Earlier this month, King Abdullah travelled to Germany, upon the professional advice of physicians in Jordan, to undergo surgery at a “specialised hospital in Frankfurt” to treat a “thoracic herniated disc”.

However, 10 days on, the monarch appears to have made a remarkable recovery as he beamed a smile arriving home being greeted by his children.


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In a series of photos shared by the Royal Hashemite Court and Queen Rania on Instagram, King Abdullah was seen being greeted by Crown Prince Hussein, who embraced his father, and Prince Hashem.

“At home and among your family and your people. Thankful for Your Majesty’s recovery,” Queen Rania said on Instagram.

King Abdullah travelled to Germany on April 9, 2022, for surgery which was needed due to the pressure put on his back during his years serving in the Jordanian Special Forces.


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“His Majesty had previously been experiencing intermittent pain in the spinal cord after years of parachuting while serving in the Special Forces, but the pressure on the nerve due to the herniation has increased lately, which calls for undergoing surgery urgently, according to medical advice,” a statement from the Royal Court said.

We wish His Majesty a continued speedy recovery.

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Images: Queen Rania Instagram