Merging heritage with modernity

Jewellery house Piaget have joined forces with Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) to host an exhibition and an auction at Saudi Arabia. 

As well as bringing a series of patrimony pieces to Saudi Arabia for the first time, the Maison has created exclusive pieces for the Winter at Tantora festival that pay tribute to the dramatic landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Intricately handcrafted with detailed lines and forms, the collection reflects the dramatic patterns that the wind and sand have carved into its mountainous rocks of AlUla.


“Our commitment to heritage, tradition and transmission bind generations with a strong emotion. With this long term partnership, Piaget will support craftsmanship scholarship programs of AlUla, craftsmanship being a knowhow so dear to Piaget,” said Chabi Nouri, CEO of Piaget.

In addition, Piaget will be hosting a special watch and jewellery auction, the proceeds of which will go to an academic scholarship to teach AlUla local artisans craftsmanship and expand the youth’s educational and professional opportunities in traditional techniques.

Now that’s a golden partnership

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