Physique 57

Physique 57 was launched with the intention to reinvent the fitness industry. With such a bold statement, we decided to put it to the test. #EWGetsFit.

The concept was created by an Ivy League Wall Street professional (Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi) and a leading Lotte Berk (ballet and dance) instructor following the closure of Lotte Berk studio. The first Physique 57 opened in February 2006, in New York City. From there, it expanded and is now open in the Hamptons, Scarsdale, LA and Dubai.

What is it?

Well, for a start, the name explains it all – it’s a 57-minute class that guarantees to change your physique after just eight workouts! Physique 57 is a full body, ballet barre-based workout that blends intervals of cardio, strength training, isometric movements and stretching to build gorgeous, long, lean muscle. Physique 57 includes strength training, cardio and a ballet barre for a workout that improves flexibility and endurance while strengthening and sculpting the muscles. The workouts are designed as intervals to rapidly transform your body. 

Physique 57


Muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief.  The process is called Interval Overload – overloading the muscle to create long, lean sexy muscles.

Due to the nature of the exercises, you are always lengthening and strengthening the muscles with different rhythms and tempos, which, in turn, create lean, supple muscle. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn around the clock. Also as the class is low impact it is easy on your joints. The interval training aspect helps you burn more calories and sustain energy.

As well as increasing strength and flexibility, the workouts also increase metabolic rate so you burn more calories at rest and lose inches.

Physique 57

Who does it?

So popular is it that any celebrity you see that has lean limbs and a strong torso is most likely a fan. However these stars ardent fans: Kelly Ripa, Emmy Rossum, Erin Andrews, Sofia Vergara, Lisa Rinna and Parker Posey.


As someone who is more into high-impact workouts such as bootcamps and running, I was dubious about seeing any results from Physique 57. I’d been struggling to lose weight for a while and had no hope that these classes would work. Oh how I was wrong.

I don’t think I’ve struggled so much in a class as I did in Physique 57 and I’m used to be being told to drop and do 30 burpees. Physique 57 pushed my body in ways I’ve never worked it before and as a result I felt muscles aching that I never knew I had… and I loved it!

After each class I felt like I had completed a intense class while at the same time I felt completely stretched as if I had finished a yoga session.

I noticed a big difference in my waist – I actually got one – and I started to develop a thigh gap – my dream! But best of all, my body felt healthy and I was noticed that I was getting less injuries. The only thing that didn’t improve was my flexibility, but I’m working on that.

The Details

Your first class is free, after that individual classes cost Dhs125. Packages starts from Dhs600 for 5 classes.

I’m now a Physique 57 convert. However, as a non-driver it’s location does provide a problem for me. I’m solving this issue by buying the Physique 57 DVDs and equipment, which can be purchased in store or online.


Physique 57 | Citywalk | (04) 3448757

Special Offer:

Clients who take a total of 16 classes during the month of January will be treated to an array of beauty indulgences courtesy of N.Bar and JetSet. The special reward will include: N.Bar Essential Manicure & Pedicure; N.Bar Head, Neck & Shoulder massage; JetSet Wash & Blowdry


Here’s a preview of what to expect: