Find out why we want to join her private shopping WhatsApp group…

Who: Samantha Francis
Age: 26
Nationality: Dutch
Profession: Fashion Stylist/Set Designer/Blogger

When we say Samantha’s energy is contagious, it’s no exaggeration. Her enthusiasm for fashion, art and life in general, mixed with a genuine, open Dutch spirit means she’s a girl’s girl that you can’t help but want to be friends with. Her work hard, play hard ethic explains her three (yes, three) current job titles; fashion stylist, set designer and blogger all of which she documents through her brilliantly-curated Instagram.

With the above in mind, as well as her role as a self-proclaimed sales shopping expert, a raid of her home and closet was long overdue.


“Good style is when it’s genuine. Don’t try too hard, I’m a big fan of the effortless look. Do everything with confidence; I find it hard to explain but there’s something so attractive and stylish about a woman who dresses with confidence.”


“I must admit, when it comes to bargains, I am the expert. I love strolling around vintage markets when I’m home in Holland and picking up one-off pieces. A trip to the outlet mall is a regular date in my diary, but my biggest weakness is staff and private sales. I know – and visit – all of them and I’m usually the first in line too. I even started a WhatsApp group called ‘Sales Whisperers’ with my fellow Dubai fashion girls; it’s the best way to give each other insider info on the best private sales going on in the city.”


“My wardrobe is built around quality designer key pieces, like this Dolce & Gabbana jacket, that have no expiry date – shirts, skirts, jeans and jackets; most of them bought from my go-to store, Harvey Nichols-Dubai.

“I look to fashion editors, stylists and bloggers for style inspiration; my list includes Miroslava Duma, Giovanna Battaglia, Stella McCartney, Erica Pelosini, Natasha Goldenberg, Hanneli Mustaparta, Sarah Harris, Gala Gonzalez and my absolute favourite – Victoria Beckham.”


“My collection of Bulgari bags and my Stella McCartney bomber jacket were the items that had been on my wish-list for as long as I can remember and I saved for a long time to finally get my hands on them. Nothing feels better than owning a long-wanted piece!”


“It’s hard to pick a uniform of choice as my style changes like the weather. Currently I’m in love with 60s and 70s A-line skirts worn with a turtleneck top or a shirt. My staple daytime shoes are my best buy ever; a pair of embellished Marni sandals, and my go-to evening shoes are my strappy Gianvito Rossi heels.”


“A collection of great quality shirts (preferably crisp white and pinstriped), a pile of white T-shirts in every shape, fabric and size, and a pair of ‘comfy’ killer heels.”


“My mother always taught me to leave the house in the best possible way; fully dressed with my hair and make-up done. How I dress is very important to me, I like to make an effort and I enjoy getting dressed in the morning. I also think it’s crucial to wear the right clothes and size for your body – if something doesn’t fit right, I head straight to my tailor in Al Barsha.”

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