We’ve got a fair few Hilton Hotels in Dubai already, but a Paris Hilton hotel? We imagine it’s going to be a very different ordeal.

According to Forbes, heiress Paris has been planning to launch her own line of luxury hotels for some time now.

Businesswoman Paris Hilton is reportedly planning to launch developments in three of her most visited cities including Las Vegas, New York and Dubai.

Don’t be fooled by her media portrayal, Paris isn’t just a pretty face. In fact, the 35 year old is some what of a successful mogul having built a huge business and lifestyle empire – she earned over Dhs5.5 billion in revenue from selling fragrances alone.

paris hilton dubai

Paris Hilton in Dubai during the filming of her My Best Friend Forever TV show.

She has over 50 Paris Hilton boutiques around the globe, selling everything from perfume to handbags and shoes – and is said to have made over Dhs1.1 million since 2005 for making appearances at clubs and events.

On top of that, Paris has developed two Paris Beach Clubs in the Philippines. One as part of the Azure Urban Resort Residences near to Bicutan, and the other in Parañaque.

Curious as to what Paris’ net worth is? Well it’s estimated to be around Dhs365 million.

Let’s not forget though, Paris’ comes from a rather successful family – her great grandfather was the Conrad Hilton, the man behind Hilton Hotels. A man worth over Dhs3.65 billion

Her hotels will be designed differently from your regular Hilton Hotel, and won’t feature the Hilton name – keeping to the beach-meets-glamour theme in line with her Paris Beach Clubs.

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Curious as to what the Paris Beach Clubs look like? Here are some pictures from the Philippines venues:

paris hilton dubai

paris hilton dubai

paris hilton dubai

paris hilton dubai

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Images: Azure