beyonce and tina knowles

When it comes to parenting tips, mothers are the best experts to turn to for advice. Here some of our favourite celebrities reveal the pearls of wisdom imparted to them by their mothers…


“I have been able to deal with pressures of Hollywood thanks to those early lessons from my mum. She always celebrated the female body, which gave me confidence. I felt that when I started becoming a woman and getting my figure, it was celebrated.” Kate Hudson, actress with her actress mother, Goldie Hawn 


“My mother once told me that growing older was the only way to have a long life. So my attitude is, of course we are ageing. And it’s natural, and it’s beautiful.” Isabella Rossellini, actress, author, filmmaker and model  Isabella as a child with her twin sister, mother and brother


“The best advice my mother gave me is to be positive, trust my first instinct, not believe everything (good and bad) that is said and that family always comes first.” Carolina Herrera Jr, fragrance creative director and handbag designer Carolina Herrera Jr with her famous mother, Carolina Herrera


 “When I was a kid, my mother told me that if you could not be a good loser, then there’s no way you could be a good winner.” Halle Berry, actress Halle with her mother


 “My mother always told me to dress like a lady and I’d never regret it.” Gwyneth Paltrow, actress and author Gwyneth and her actress mother, Blythe Danner


  “My mother’s philosophy was, ‘If you get yourself in trouble, you’ve got to get yourself out of trouble’.” Charlize Theron, actress Charlize with her mother


 “My mother taught me to do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Stella McCartney, fashion designer Stella (second from right) with her father, siblings and late mother, Linda


 “My mother worked hard for her family and never complained. She taught me the principles of hard work, setting my own goals and visualising my future.” Beyoncé Knowles, singer and actress Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles 

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