Tinies Childcare expert and Voice Professional Nanny of the Year, Katy Hayden delivers no-nonsense parenting advice from kids manners to allowing your little one to travel solo…. 

Q. My child’s school is offering a ski trip to France for a week but my child has never been abroad without us. He is 10. Is he too young?

Trips away from home can be very exciting but also a reality check when children realise they are away from home for a week. Talk to the school about the trip, what their safety procedures are? How often have they done this trip? What are the rules whilst he is away?  Voice all of your concerns about the trip. It’s important to talk with your child about it too. Discuss your concerns with them as well and allow them to tell you how they feel about it.  School trips are a great way of introducing your child to new experiences and cultures across different parts of the world. As long as the trip is well organised and beneficial to your child’s learning, I don’t think age is too much of an issue as it relates more to each individual child.

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Q. I’ve tried to teach my children the best of manners but they are still rude and demanding. What should I do?

Children will always push your buttons whatever their age and demanding children can be hard work and very draining.  Whatever the situation it’s important to always follow through with whatever you have said. Children like boundaries and guidance and although you have tried to teach them good manners, words are sometimes not enough – actions speak louder. By this I mean stand your ground and ensure that they can’t have something until they have asked politely and in the right manner. Sometimes it is best to go back to basics and start again, remind them constantly about saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Make them wait if you are busy doing something else. Consistency is the best policy no matter how demanding they are. Stay firm but fair.

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