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Hollywood fertility specialist, Dr Shahin Ghadir is number crunching in this week’s fertility forum

In your practice, how often does IVF result in pregnancy?

Depending on the age group of the patient, our success rates for IVF can be as high as 75 per cent going all the way to a live birth as a result of an IVF cycle.


What are the statistics for success rates for women in their 20s? 30s? 40s? who undergo IVF?

20s: Depending on what the diagnosis is, it can be has high has 74.5 per cent going to a live birth from the first cycle of IVF.

30s: Average is between 52 per cent- 65 per cent

40s: Success rates fall as the age goes up.


How many cycles of IVF would you recommend before trying another option?

The number of IVF cycles that we would recommend for a patient is very dependent on the age and the diagnosis of the patient. For many people who are not ready to move forward with donor eggs, we will allow them to continue the IVF process for longer durations.

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