IN PARTNERSHIP: Palladium Hotel Group, an experienced hotel chain with a history spanning over 50 years, was founded with a vision to bring paradise to travellers and provide them with extraordinary experiences.

Over the years, they have successfully crafted and established the most exclusive accommodations, built on the pillars of luxury, quality, and exceptional service. Palladium Hotel Group operates in six countries—Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, and Brazil—with a range of hotels under its umbrella. These hotels are categorized into three distinct groups: Luxury, Premium, and Upscale.

Luxury Hotels: TRS Hotels, Bless Collection Hotels and Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel.
Premium Hotels: Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts, Hard Rock Hotels, Only You Hotels and Sa Talaia Agrotourism.
Upscale Hotels: Palladium Hotels, Fiesta Hotels & Resorts and 45 Times Square Hotels.

With these diverse brands and hotels, Palladium Hotel Group caters to various segments and types of clients. They offer accommodations designed for family travel, such as the Grand Palladium Resorts & Spa, where both children and parents can enjoy their stay to the fullest. Alternatively, they provide hotels exclusively for adults, where luxury and relaxation take center stage, as seen in the remarkable TRS Hotels.

Moreover, Palladium Hotel Group features properties that revolve around music, such as the Hard Rock Hotels. In the case of Bless Collection Hotels, they offer an oasis of peace and tranquility in bustling cities like Madrid, as well as in Ibiza, where the beauty of the sunrise rivals that of the sunset.

Whatever holiday you are looking for, Palladium Hotel Group has it tailor-made for you. As they like to say: We have it all

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