Oumayma Elboumeshouli has cultivated her own niche amongst online content creators.

Known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion and creativity, she’s all about taking risks.

“I would describe my style as cool, edgy – fashion-forward,” she tells Emirates Woman. “I like to experiment a lot with my style. I like to take risks and I feel like I am doing that also in real life.”

Opening up about her style journey as part of Charles & Keith’s SS21 campaign, Elboumeshouli admitted she’s always been a bit of a rebel when it came to her fashion choices.

Particularly in her early years, she had a penchant for swapping out outfits that her mother had picked for her.


“I was always very selfish, I would say,” she admits. “My mum would put a look for me to wear but then in the middle of the night.”

From then on, fashion has become the way she expresses the true essence of herself.

“I think that’s so beautiful and that’s so strong and you can literally create for every look, a personality and also depending on what mood you are in,” she said. “You can always come up with something very cool and something different.”

Ensuring she always adds an individual flair to her looks, she takes inspiration from the ’70s and ’80s style eras. She’s a particular fan of an oversized blazer, an item she would pair with her hero pieces from the Charles & Keith SS21 collection.

“My ultimate hero pieces from the SS21 Charles & Keith are the transparent mules, like they have three straps, all transparent,” she explained. “Since I like to experiment with my outfits and sometimes when I am wearing an outfit that is super outgoing, I just go for a transparent shoe which is a nice touch.”

Since the mules are simple and understated, they can be paired with almost anything. As Elboumeshouli described, they are “super timeless”.

“I feel like you can wear them with every kind of outfit if you want,” she said. “If you want to go for sporty chic, very casual, they can look good under every fit.”

Finding pieces that are versatile – like in the Charles & Keith SS21 collection – in her wardrobe are key for Elboumeshouli, especially as she loves to experiment.

Oumayma (1)

“When it comes to my own personal style, my philosophy is showing independence [by experimenting] and showing the strong woman that I actually am,” she said.

As for the advice she gives to others when it comes to their own style, she notes that it’s a “process to find”.

“Just follow your feelings, because it’s your own personal style so you know what perfectly fits you well,” she says. “Just don’t care about what others think of you.”

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