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Fashion meets art: & Other Stories collaborates with Brianna Lance

& Other Stories is set to unveil  the “Visionary Capsule Collection” in collaboration with renowned artist Brianna Lance.

Newly launched  in the Middle East, this collection promises a unique convergence of artistic expression and innovative design.

Brianna Lance, a self-taught artist celebrated for her richly detailed watercolours, brings her signature evocative symbols and mystical imagery to life in this exclusive collection. With only four pieces – three dresses and a jumpsuit – the “Visionary Capsule Collection” offers a glimpse into a world where art and fashion seamlessly blend.

In an exclusive interview with Emirates Woman, Brianna Lance sheds light on the inspirations that fueled this visionary collaboration with & Other Stories, and the significance of merging the worlds of art and fashion.

Can you elaborate on the symbolic meanings of some of the recurring elements in your paintings, like the pomegranate and the eye?

Across many cultures and faiths, ancient and modern, the pomegranate is a symbol of life and beyond. I love that it has been used as something sacred for so long. The eyes I use are a way of having the work regard you as you regard it. You are gazing at each other and hopefully connecting.

Your transition from fashion to painting was quite dramatic. How did your background in fashion influence your approach to painting and vice versa?

Painting came first in my life because it was what I did as a little kid. It was always in the background of my life. Fashion is how I learned business – it’s how I gained the concept of other people interpreting what you create in their own way. It allows me to let go of work I make now in art. It doesn’t belong to me as soon as it’s done.

You mentioned that your work channels hyper-feminine and hyper-mystical energies. How do you see these energies being received in the broader art world?

Honestly, the world and people are very ready for the mystical and feminine. People are very open to art in a way the systems in place for it aren’t. I am so surprised at how much people connect to mystical and feminine symbolisms. It’s Art Institutions that haven’t really allowed those messages to be front and centre

What do you hope people take away from wearing pieces from this & Other Stories capsule collection adorned with your artwork?

I hope it brings joy and a better sense of themselves when they wear it. If they feel good in themselves in the clothes, that’s all you could ever really ask for.

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