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There’s no such thing as a quick fix. For real, lasting results you need to set yourself a realistic challenge. Step forward Original Fitness Co.’s 30-Day Challenge.

EWGetsFit, Fitness, Health, Originalfitness

What is it?

When you sign up for the Original Fitness Co. 30-Day Challenge you get the whole package. Starting off with a seminar and Body Composition Assessment (BCA) to determine your maximum weight for your height and estimate body fat, you’ll then pledge (in writing) how many classes you’ll do per week (the package includes unlimited classes in various locations) while promising to stick to the – not impossible, if a tad dull – eating plan. This includes plenty of organic vegetables and fish, lots of free-range meat and eggs and no dairy, bread, noodles, pasta, sauces and alcohol and limited caffeine. You’ll need to fill in a daily food and exercise report – making it difficult to cheat – and in return will receive tonnes of support and guidance from your mentor for your journey.

EWGetsFit, Fitness, Health, Originalfitness

The challenge

I managed two crack-of-sparrow (6am) bootcamp classes a week at The Beach JBR plus a regular Friday morning session (9am) at Eden beach club at Rixos, the Palm Jumeirah. While the brutal early morning starts made the JBR ones a bigger challenge, the fact that you are sharing your pain with a group made them more palatable. With the Friday morning classes throwing Stand Up Paddling into the mix, these are genuinely fun sessions that don’t feel like a chore – but the ensuing body aches the next day assure you that they are actually great workouts.


With astringent guidelines that keep highlighting the fact that if you follow the programme faithfully, “You simply cannot fail”, you’re guaranteed to shed kilos, tone up and get fit – but the extent of your results is in entirely up to you. You can attend as many classes as you choose, but even if you do two or three a week (plus your own exercises in between) you’ll notice a difference in the way your clothes feel. What’s more, your BMI, body fat index and fitness scores will also be noticeably improved. Best of all, for me, was the improvement of my (previously non-existent) waist-to-hip ratio. While I haven’t exactly been rewarded with Sophia Vergara’s hourglass figure, I do look a whole lot less SpongeBob Squarepants.

EWGetsFit, Fitness, Health, Originalfitness


Despite cheating, I still saw results and genuinely looked forward to the classes – and felt a wonderful sense of achievement afterwards.  I’ll definitely do another 30-Day Challenge later on this year and for now, along with my usual jogs and yoga, am sticking to one 6am class and the Friday morning sessions – the perfect way to start your weekend with a spring in your step. Following the programme will also make you more mindful of your diet.

The Details

The next challenge starts on February 28. The 30-Day Challenge with unlimited classes is priced at Dhs1,000. For more information visit here


The Beach Dubai, opposite JBR, Downtown Dubai in front of Southridge building and Eden beach club, Rixos, The Palm