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Albert Einstein once said: “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” Last week I did just that pushing myself in ways I never thought possible and, you know what, I survived and thrived.

About two months ago I signed up for the Desert Warrior Challenge (DWC) – a 10k race with 22 gruelling obstacles. Despite being a gym goer (#EWGetsFit) I have never before taken part in such a race. In fact, before DWC I’d only ever run 10k twice – it was on my ‘before I turn 30’ to-do list.  

My training for the event was poor aside from the odd bootcamp and RPM class. However, even that regimen was whittled down after spraining my wrist. So, as you can imagine last week was filled with sleepless nights as the realisation of what I was going to be putting my body through finally hit home.

Come Thursday I wanted to pull out. I wanted to get a letter from my mum ‘excusing’ me from the event. I wanted to pretend I lost my PE kit. However, my Motivate DWC team wouldn’t let me quit… and believe it or not, I’m grateful. There is nothing like teamwork to get your through the challenges life throws at you.

It was this team work and encouragement that saw all of us power through the midday heat jumping over walls, climbing ropes, dragging tires, crawling through tunnels and precariously balancing on beams, as well as running 10k!

Desert Warrior Challenge

Desert Warrior Challenge Desert Warrior Challenge

It was physically punishing and mentally demanding however, we all pushed through our limits and even crossed the finish line smiling – largely from relief.

Desert Warrior, online editor blog

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Desert Warrior Challenge

Still smiling at the finishing line

After a laborious Friday, I was delighted to kick back on Saturday and preview The Ivy Christmas lunch with all of the trimmings. The feast included turkey breast, boned an stuffed turkey leg, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, parsnips, red cabbage, turkey jus, cranberry sauce and bread sauce. All pre-cooked, the only thing I had to do was heat it up! So simple, so delicious, and the perfect way to end the rewarding weekend. For more details visit,

the ivy roast

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