Last week was certainly unconventional. From beauty makeovers to kick starting feminism campaigns and cuddling Elmo of Sesame Street (yes, really!), the week perfectly summed up how unpredictable, but also exciting, the world of media can be.

Beauty Galore

Anyone who has ever met me will have noticed I am never without at least one form of lip balm, gloss or lippy – I actually carry at least four varieties in my handbag at any given time and as I write this I have one lipstick, three balms and four glosses on my desk. So great is my obsession with lip products that Group Editor Sophia Serin actually once said: “You know how cats cough up fur balls? Well, I can imagine you one day coughing up a stick of Labello.”

So, as you can imagine it was with gusto that I tried and tested the gorgeous new hues from YSL and Dior. Though I fear I’m starting to forget my natural lip colour.


Top: YSL beauty. Middle: Dior lippy. Bottom: Inglot palettes

What I love about these giant beauty brands is their attention to detail in their press releases.

Impressive press releases and packaging

Impressive press releases and packaging

Last week saw the return of Hollywood’s haircolourist Negin Zand (clients include Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson) at JetSet Dubai, I was lucky enough to meet the formidable star (she is so renowned in her field that she does deserves this accolade) and get my tresses worked on.

negin zand jet set

With the lovely Negin Zand at JetSet Dubai

What I loved the most about Negin was her honesty – she will never let you go OTT on a colour that won’t suit you. In fact she has turned clients away because she hasn’t agreed with their demands. Now, that’s how you maintain a great reputation – stick to what you believe in.

Autumn Winter Trends

Another week and another fashion preview, this time round it was Reiss whose autumn winter 2014 offers an elegant yet on-trend alternative to most high-street fashion. From 1940s-style dresses to faux furs and animal prints, the collection is perfect for the party season.

Here’s some of my favourite looks.

Reiss A/W14

Reiss A/W14

Reiss A/W14 Reiss A/W14

Fighting For Gender Equality

Ever since I was a young girl my mother and grandmother always taught me to fight for what I believe in and to chase my dreams, no matter what barriers were put in my way.

As one of four daughters (my poor father) and with eight aunts, I have been brought up surrounded by strong women. However, no matter how strong a woman may be the fact is that gender inequality is still prevalent. Although the glass ceiling has cracked – yes in most countries women have the right to vote, and their our female CEOs, and Nobel Prize winners etc. – there is still an imbalance in society that still sees men valued more. This is just as damaging for men as it is for women and Emma Watson’s impassioned speech at the United Nations, highlighting this matter, was an admirable one.

She asked men to “to take this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue too,” and launched the #HeForShe campaign. And I’m proud to say the men at Motivate were happy to take part. It’s a small step, but a step in the right direction…


Can You Tell Me How To Get, How To Get To Sesame Street…

At Emirates Woman we are used to leggy models visiting the office for castings (yes, it can get a little depressing though we never hear the men complain). So, it was with way too much excitement that we welcome with open arms Sesame Street’s Elmo and Grover to the office. Here to promote the show Elmo Makes Music on at Madinat Theatre from September 29 to October 4, we couldn’t resist cuddling the furry stars. It also turns out that Elmo is a huge Emirates Woman fan, naturally.

We always knew Elmo was a fan

We always knew Elmo was a fan

MOT -5325

Sophia and I getting way too familiar with Grover and Elmo

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