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The Dubai-based interior haven with one-of-a-kind antiques

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Founded by Saudi entrepreneur Arwa Hafiz and located in the heart of Dubai’s dynamic art quarter at Alserkal Avenue, The Odd Piece features a wide range of interior pieces from carefully curated mid-century modern furniture to one-of-a-kind antiques.

How do your first 30 mins of the day set you up for success?

To be honest, the number one thing that sets me up for success the minute I open my eyes, is a good night’s sleep. I need a solid eight hours and when I get them, I feel happy and energized, as I can really get things done. The first thing I do in the morning is work out as that also helps jump-start my day while making me feel good.

What is at the heart of The Odd Piece’s DNA as a brand?

We are a vintage and designer furniture gallery with carefully curated, one-of-a-kind statement pieces handpicked from around the world. We offer a refreshing change from mass-produced furniture and home accessories as we have unique pieces that can transform a room by adding that special personalised touch.

How did your love for one-of-a-kind pieces and antiques develop into a business?

When I was furnishing my first home in Dubai back in 2006, I couldn’t find pieces I liked beyond the basics. So, I started sourcing what I needed from abroad and realized, I truly enjoyed the process of searching for unusual, memorable, quality pieces, so I launched The Odd Piece in 2013.

Do you find yourself more aligned with the creative or commercial side of the business and how do you balance the two?

I am definitely more aligned with the creative side of my business, it was my inspiration for starting The Odd Piece in the first place. Learning the ropes of running the business side was initially challenging, but once I had the right team and support we worked to create systems to organise every part of the business, and now the whole operation runs smoothly.

Do you have any mentors or guides and how does this help navigate the right path?

I actually did not have any mentors, though I can imagine what an incredible help and support a good one can be, especially when starting a business for the first time.

What is personally, your most treasured piece?

My favourite items right now are the amazing Yoruba beaded chairs!


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How do you manage to maintain that balance between modern and vintage in your own interior?

I honestly do not make a conscious decision to strike a balance; The Odd Piece is a curation of the pieces that catch my eye; ones that I believe will add character and beauty to a room, regardless of where they’re from or what era they belong to.

What do I look for when hiring a team?

I look for people who are committed, independent thinkers, willing to work hard and also learn new things. Even more importantly, they should be passionate about the business because you can’t force or fake interest. A sense of humour is also a great added bonus!

Malibu Armchair

How has social media help build the brand and do you connect directly with clients through this platform?

At this point in time, no brand can afford to not invest in social media. Over the years, our Instagram account has steadily grown and has helped us garner a global audience. We have clients from around the world that come to Dubai and visit our gallery because they follow The Odd Piece on Instagram. What’s more, this past year of lockdowns and emergency measures due to the pandemic has made social media our lifeline until things start to get back to normal.

This issue is ‘The Love Issue’ – what is love to you?

Quality time. I plan to staying home with my family and keeping myself and everyone around me safe; I honestly think that’s the most loving thing anyone can do at this point in time. 

February’s – ‘The Love Issue’ – Download Now

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