IN PARTNERSHIP: When it comes to fitness, whether you’re an expert or beginner, you always need to ensure you have the right kit at your disposal.

Just as you need different sneakers for certain types of workouts, this also rings true for your sports bra, but it’s an aspect many women often overlook.

While many think that a universal sports bra can be used for multiple workouts, this isn’t actually the case, as two-time Guinness World Record holder Gada Shaikli outlines.

Throughout her career, the Under Armour athlete has won over 30 medals and has achieved two different world records on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, so she definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to finding the right kit for working out.

Under Armour Gada

“A marathon runner will need a bra that can provide support against repetitive movements over a long period of time, whereas someone doing a yoga class will need one that allows for more flexibility,” Gada explains.

“When you exercise and play sport, the force going through your breasts increases as your chest moves more vigorously, which can lead to excessive pain and stretching of the skin if not wearing the correct apparel.”

This is where Under Armour has all bases covered. As one of the leading activewear brands in the world, they have created an array of different sports bras to ensure women have the right support for different workouts, giving the perfect balance of control and comfort taking pressure off the shoulders during a strenuous or long workout. By minimising bounce, women have an opportunity to take on several activities, be it training, cycling, or even boxing with ease.

Being a top fitness expert, Gada has shared her hero buys from Under Armour’s premium collection to ensure you have the perfect bra no matter what the workout.

One of her top recommendations is the Infinity Sports bra is one of her recommendations as it uses injection moulded cup technology enhanced with breathability and support, with extra cooling along with fast-drying padding for any rigorous activity.

Under Armour

Meanwhile, for workout sessions where stretching is key, such as yoga, the Rush Smartform Bra is the one to use. Providing extra comfort with inelastic technology, the bra maintains shape through multiple uses.

If you’re a fan of the outdoors or hiking has been on your list for quite a while, the HG Cross back bra comes with HearGear fabrication and an open keyhole that can be easily removed and lets you effortlessly be on the go all day long.

Starting from Dhs119, there are an array of options to choose from, in colours that best suit your workout gear and enhance results with better performance training.

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