One of our favourite perfume brands, OJAR, has just opened its first flagship store in Dubai.

The Omani brand has launched its first-ever concept store in Perfumery & Co, The Dubai Mall.

Capturing the essence of the brand perfectly, the OJAR’s flagship store in Dubai incorporate a fusion between the East and the West.



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The rich architectural elements of Oman will deeply be infused in the store design, with unique elements making it a unique haven. Designed to emulate the brand’s theme, the space combines its signature deep blue combined with beige tones for an ethereal experience.

An under-the-radar technique in the world of perfumery will be highlighted at the store. We all want to make our scents last the full day and the art of layering teaches you exactly that. The experts will delve into all the tips and tricks you need to know for a long-lasting effect.

From brand activations to special events, customers are transported to the Sultanate of Oman, the minute they step foot in the store. Special fragrance artists will beautifully express the brand’s story of how frankincense is deeply rooted in the brand’s history.

Adding to the store’s opulence, a luxe gifting station will be available to choose from the exclusive products displayed in this section. Making it a memorable experience, guests can leave with a unique present for themselves or their loved ones.


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Founded by Sheikha Hind Bahwan, the brand’s collections exquisitely combine heritage with modernity to make its wearers feel empowered.

As Oman continues to be the perfect amalgamation of nature, tradition and vision for the future, this is effortlessly showcased through each of OJAR’s creations and now its store.

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