Former Emirates Woman cover star and fashion content creator Ola Farahat announced her pregnancy news on social media with a special video on February 22, 2022.

While the news might have come with tears of joy, the journey was nowhere from easy as it came with years of infertility and a miscarriage, which the now mum-to-be has outlined in a candid video on YouTube.


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Sharing her story with her dedicated followers, she detailed her pregnancy journey thus far, as well as her In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) journey.

After visiting the doctor for some routine fertility tests, she was told it would be extremely difficult for her and her husband to conceive naturally and was recommended to try IVF, something at the time she “didn’t think was a big deal”.

Two months into her IVF process, Ola found out she was pregnant, news which, of course, elated her, her husband and her entire family. However, six weeks into her pregnancy, the fashion influencer discovered she was having a miscarriage.

Tearing up in the video, Ola admitted she was in disbelief, particularly after she had struggled to even get pregnant.

Following the emotional rollercoaster of her miscarriage, she started to question if she would ever be able to be a mother.

“Things started to hit me, that this is real and am I going to be a mom?” she said, adding that her first round of IVF  “only gave me one egg”.

Opting to not go through the IVF process again, Ola decided to try to conceive naturally. However, after 18 months and more tests, doctors told her IVF was her only option.

After beginning her fertility journey once again, she began with the process of taking the pills and receiving three to four injections a day. After receiving a positive result of 13 eggs being extracted which were then fertilized, she had to wait a few days to see which ones made it through.

However, once again only one egg made it, which was implanted into her uterus. Despite the odds and devastating, Ola and her husband are now expecting their first child, who they are set to welcome later this year.

The Dubai-based content creator said she hoped by sharing her story she would help those going through a similar situation, helping them not to give up hope.

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