2023 holds special significance as it commemorates Creative Director Vincenzo Castaldo’s 20-year tenure at Pomellato, the renowned jewelry company.

In honor of both Pomellato and its enduring source of inspiration, Milan, which has captivated minds since 1967, Castaldo collaborated with the Pomellato high jewellery atelier to create a remarkable collection titled ‘Ode to Milan.’

Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato says: “We are very proud to present our most precious high jewellery collection ever in Paris, the capital of high jewellery, where we will share our unique vision. Pomellato is different as all of our designs are made to be worn everyday. We have always put women at the centre of the creation process, offering modern pieces of great quality and beauty that are easy to wear. This collection is no exception. Even the most precious pieces are designed to be worn casually and not just for special events. We believe that jewellery should accompany women on all occasions, in line with the emancipated and contemporary character of the Pomellato woman.”

This exquisite high jewellery collection pays homage to the city’s eclectic history and its hidden treasures through 33 designs that are simultaneously modern and timeless. By drawing inspiration from Milan, the design capital, Pomellato has taken an unconventional step by unveiling these jewels in Paris, the epitome of haute joaillerie. The hope is that this juxtaposition of Milanese design at the heart of Parisian haute joaillerie will spark meaningful dialogues on differing visions of high jewellery.

The ever-evolving cityscape of Milan, where a deep reverence for manufacturing excellence intertwines with design innovation, has indelibly influenced Pomellato. The functional designs of mid-century Modernists like Gio Ponti and Piero Fornasetti, as well as the grandeur of historic architectural marvels, have energized Pomellato, contributing to its distinctive style.

‘Pomellato was born in Milan in 1967,’ recalls Vincenzo Castaldo, Creative Director of the house. ‘And it is here that we continue to create and manufacture our jewels. Our artisanal savoir-faire is Milanese, the emphasis we place on design and ergonomics is Milanese as is our search for excellence in each and every technique that we employ. We grew up in this city and Milan is an integral part of Pomellato. In 2023, it seemed quite natural for us to devote a high jewellery collection to Milan expressed in a very Pomellato way. The result is a private conversation between Milan and Pomellato, revealing the common traits between the two. This collection has a personal significance for me. On the occasion of my 20th anniversary at Pomellato, I wanted to honour both Pomellato and the city that it is inextricably connected to, both of which are home to me’.

The Essence of the Collection ‘Ode to Milan’ is divided into several chapters, each reflecting a facet of Milan akin to the multifaceted beauty of a diamond. Pomellato has chosen four distinct aspects of the enigmatic Lombardian capital, drawing inspiration from themes as diverse as the urban drama of skyscrapers to the power exuded by medieval architecture, the creativity enshrined within La Scala, and the magnificence of the Duomo. Each jewel in the collection is named to evoke these captivating scenes.

Vertical Landscapes exults in the city’s soaring skyscrapers and the captivating interplay of form and color employed by their creators. These contemporary jewels possess strong architectural silhouettes, adorned with exquisite gemstones that showcase Pomellato’s profound appreciation for vibrant hues.

Contemporary Heritage embodies the strength emanating from Milan’s imposing Castello Sforzesco, a fortress of carved stone. These remarkable jewels, crafted in gold, embody the rich history of Milan and its ancient fortifications.

Creativity on Stage finds its roots in Pomellato’s legacy of chain-making, with each jewel serving as a metaphor for the flourishing creativity witnessed on the grand stage of La Scala theater and along Via Montenapoleone.

Terrazza Duomo distills the iconic shapes found in the gothic façade of the Duomo cathedral and translates them into contemporary sculptural earrings, a choker, and two bracelets crafted in white or rose gold, adorned with white diamonds. These pieces encapsulate the essence of Milan’s architectural marvel in a thoroughly modern manner.

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Images: Supplied by Pomellato