The Spring 2024 Collection of Ralph Lauren embraces the concept of personal style.

It celebrates the unique character of a woman who effortlessly embodies both timeless and modern elements. This collection is a fusion of boldness and romance, rooted in a genuine sense of authenticity.

The romantic spring colour palette predominantly features shades of blue and white, but with an innovative twist. Picture a cricket stripe crested blazer elegantly layered over a mini dress crafted from tiered cotton stripe shirting or a printed lace bustier impeccably matched with tailored pinstripe trousers. Denim, a signature of the brand, takes on an entirely new persona this season, transforming into enchanting eveningwear.

“My Spring 2024 women’s collection is about a new kind of romance—cool and sophisticated. It’s about the freedom of creating a personal style through the artistry of faded denims and painterly florals, the modern sophistication of iconic shapes in black and gold or the eclectic mix of bold colors, shine and luxurious handcrafted details. These are the stories of the woman I design for whose individuality and artistic spirit are a canvas for her own self-expression,” shared Ralph Lauren, in the offcial statement.

Think of a denim suit adorned with intricate embroidered beadwork, reverse appliqué, and delicate sheer floral cutouts, all embellished with crystal beads. Alternatively, envision an ombre floral denim maxiskirt or a denim jacket adorned with hand-embroidered white feathers, rhinestones, and artisanal patches.”

Transitioning to a palette dominated by striking blacks and luxurious golds, you’ll find iconic pieces reimagined for the modern era. Imagine a classic black tuxedo jacket paired with sleek skinny gold metallic pants or a double-breasted blazer gracefully worn over a plunging gold foil bodysuit, complemented by black pants adorned with cascading black feathers and intricate beadwork achieved through hand embroidery techniques.


The grand finale of the collection introduces captivating combinations of textures and colors, infusing timeless silhouettes with a touch of sophistication and romance. Envision a gold yarn top elegantly paired with a delicate silk jacket and trousers, an emerald crochet bralette paired with an embellished satin tour jacket, and contrasting foulard print silk pants. Additionally, picture a hand-painted leather vest adorning a madras wrap dress. The show reaches its zenith with two stunning gold looks, including a leather macramé gown intricately detailed with abstract woven patterns and layers of opulent gold fringe. The creation of this masterpiece required the expertise of 15 specialized embroiderers, who dedicated over 800 hours to cutting, weaving, and knotting the leather fringe.

ICYMI, Ralph Lauren’s star-studded front-row for it’s SS24 presentation:

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Images: Supplied by Ralph Lauren