In Partnership: If there is one thing 2020 has taught us is that it’s the simple, down to earth lifestyle we all crave.

This thinking stretches to skincare. As many as there are scientifically driven formulas with complex ingredients, there are just as many that embrace nature in it’s purest form.

FOREO might be known for it’s innovative approach to skin-friendly gadgets, but the leading brand also respects the origins of it’s skincare products and makes sure that the range celebrates honest ingredients.

foreo plant based skincare natural masks uae


If you want to see what out-of-this-world tech looks like alongside plant-based skincare, take a closer look at multi-tasking UFO smart facial device that is used with one of the five natural face masks. The multi-tasking tool delivers a luxury spa treatment to your face in just 90 seconds. It uses heating a cooling technology that reduces any puffiness and appearance of pores, as well as LED lights (red, green and blue) that target different concerns to rejuvenate your complexion. In addition it also offers T-sonic pulsations to mimic a facial massage which further helps the ingredients of the mask penetrate the skin leaving you with radiant results.

No expert facial is complete without a great mask and FOREO has introduced five new formulas, three of which are vegan. Each contains the best of mother nature and excludes any of the nasties such as parabens. The effectiveness of the masks depend on the ingredients, and the newest additions all contain premium components sourced from all over the world. In addition, the ultra-smooth hydrocell masks are made of 100 per cent plant fibres to replenish skin and maintain a fresh dewy glow.

Supercharge all of that goodness with UFO’s abilities, and you have yourself an astronomical spa treatment at home. All you need to decided is on the mask that best suits your needs.

For purification – Green Tea mask

foreo plant based skincare natural masks uae

Give your overworked complexion a break with a green tea mask that is specifically designed to soothe skin irritated by environmental stressors for a healthier flawless complexion. It also contains moisturising Ulmus Davidiana root extract which is widely used in Chinese and Korean traditional medicine. Think of this mask as   as a skin healer.

For nourishment – Coconut Oil mask

foreo plant based skincare natural masks uae

Tired or stressed skin will thank you for this rich formula made from natural coconut oil and coconut water. After just 90 seconds your complexion will feel rejuvenated and appear dewy.

For smoothness – Acai Berry mask

foreo plant based skincare natural masks uae

Take advantage of one of the world’s most antioxidant-rich superfoods that delivers a more youthful complexion. The berries are blended with Shea butter to create a mask packed with antioxidants that help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition it hydrates to plump, firm, and restore skin’s youthful radiance.

For revitalisation – Manuka Honey mask

foreo plant based skincare natural masks uae

Who can resist smooth and supple skin? Manuka honey is one of nature’s miracles and when it’s mixed with Allantoin extract (found naturally in chamomile and comfrey plants) it results in a nutrient-rich formula that softens skin and enhances elasticity for a radiant and soft complexion.

For hydration – Bulgarian Rose mask

foreo plant based skincare natural masks uae

If summer has left your skin parched and dull, this lightweight formula infused with natural rose water and jojoba seed will revive it in minutes, without an oily residue. The replenishment element comes from jojoba seed oil that mimics that of natural skin oils, thereby helping to restore oil balance without clogging pores.

Available in all Sephora Middle East stores across the region as well as online. Prices start from Dhs115.

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