Friday Brunch. It’s dog eat dog (not literally). But the competition is fierce so to get your market share you need to have an extra edge.


At Novikov its hidden secret is that it’s a super-healthy brunch – yes really.

Unlike most debauched and glutinous brunches that leave us ruined for the rest of the weekend, Novikov offers a stylish and refined environment where the onus is actually on eating food that your waistline won’t regret for the rest of the weekend.


The venue, which is owned by Russia’s most famous and successful restaurateur, Arkadiy Novikov, has a club feel. The lightening is low,  there are splashes of neon but not overwhelmingly so.

Novikov Brunch Review

The restaurant is a giant space which is punctuated by a fresh fish ‘market’ at one end, which is worth a look even if you’re not ordering from it.

Novikov Brunch Review


While the menu is a la carte – you can choose one soup, one starter, one main and one dessert – you can also help yourself at the eight different interactive cooking stations, including delicate dim sum, authentic sushi and lavish dessert and waffles.

On the drinks front there are also pop-up bars serving hand crafted beverages as well as detox juices for the health conscious. Otherwise your waiter will serve all drinks at your table.

Novikov Brunch Review

For the soup we opted for the miso soup. Interesting fact, this soup is great for aiding digestion and recommended to eat before breakfast.

For starters the signature duck tacos don’t disappoint. There’s a reason they’ve remained on the menu since the brunches relaunch in July. The steamed buns are also highly recommended. The cloud-like steamed bread is sweet, which compliments the spicy chicken filling (it only has a slight bite).

Mains range from traditonal British steak and eggs  to the more traditionally Asian black cod. Yes, virtually every restaurant in Dubai serves black cod but trust us when we say it’s a must order. The portion isn’t huge which means more space to indulge in the fresh sushi and sashimi at the chef stations.

Also save space for the dim sum selection and the Asian beef kebabs.

If you’re not bothered about the healthy aspect of the brunch go to town on the carb-loaded desserts – French toasts, pancakes, waffles and doughnuts.

Brunch at Novikov

The steamed buns (bottom left) are must-order starters

Go For

A sophisticated, healthier alternative to the debaunched brunches that are overtaking the emirate.

Why bother

Impeccable service and incredible Japanese cuisine in a sleek venue.

Brunch at Novikov

Brunch Packages 

Brunch at Novikov runs weekly on Fridays from 12pm – 4pm.

Packages cost Dhs370 (Pei Mei), which includes soft drinks and Novikov Detoxers; Dhs490 (Gugo Yubara), which includes house spirits, sommelier selections of wines and beers; Dhs545 (O-Ren Ishii) which includes Veuve Clicquot Champagne, house spirits, sommelier selection of wines and beers.


Novikov, Sheraton Grand hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, (04) 3888744


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