IN PARTNERSHIP: When working out, you always want to feel as comfortable as possible.

With new designs and innovative technology, Nike is equipping women with everything they need for seamless movement all day, every day and this is why the Alate bra range ticks all the boxes. Embodying complete comfort, inclusivity and versatility, it’s the must-have piece for all women.

Using innovation, the comfortable sports bra is lightweight and breathable, designed to be versatile for any activity. Most importantly, inclusivity lies at the forefront of the design and is the first bra by Nike to be offered in a wide range of skin tones and sizes. For this new new range in the Nike sports bra category, the athletics apparel brand teamed up with three of their ambassadors, Jade Ashely Palmer, DJ Sonya and Tala Bitar.

Available in two different models, the Nike Alate Coverage and Nike Elate Minimalist, both ensure you are free to move how you please.

The Nike Alate Coverage bra supports completely giving increased coverage and the internal fabric technology gives the perfect amount of stretch and optimal support for any activity.

Similarly, the Nike Elate Minimalist bra uses the same elevated internal fabric technology for the best support whatever the activity, just with a more minimalist appearance.

So, whether you’re sweating it out in the gym, sitting at a desk or climbing a mountain, the Nike Alate bra will become your most reached-for wardrobe item.

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