If we weren’t already big enough fans of possibly the most iconic sneaker in history, Nike has only just gone and combined the Air Max with another of our favourite things ever – dessert.

The six-strong FA15 Air Max 90 City ‘Sweet Schemes’ collection has taken its cue from cities around the globe and their corresponding most-popular puddings. A fun, if somewhat cruel way to make us hungry, then remind us to run it off afterwards.

Nike Air Max London

London – Eton Mess

Nike Air Max Milan

Milan – Aperitivo

From London’s Eton Mess (complete with a marble-effect sole, reminiscent of the cream, raspberry and meringue mush that we excitedly shovel down our throats whenever we’re in town), to New York’s Strawberry Cheesecake (think a biscuit-coloured suede stripe to denote the base, and speckled red panels representative of the berry compote), the pairings are witty and cute but still as cool as you’d expect.

Nike Air Max New York

New York – Strawberry Cheesecake

Nike Air Max Paris

Paris – Macarons

Others include a lilac-toned pair (Paris’ macarons – naturally) and a white style, embossed with what looks like the whipped cream from the inside of a Harajuku crepe (Tokyo). Obviously, we’ve been left wondering what a Dubai version would have looked like. Some kind of chocolate-brown nod to our love of dates? Or perhaps a pretty mint green in homage to pistachio baklava?

We love the attention to detail, too – the city’s abbreviated names feature on the silver buckle under the laces, and if you look inside, ‘Treat Yourself’ greets you. We like to do what we’re told, so if you need us, we’ll be knee-deep in cake at Omnia Gourmet.

Nike Air Max Shanghai

Shanghai – Must Win Cake

Nike Air Max Tokyo

Tokyo – Harajuku Crepe

The collection is available now at Nike retailers and online.