Challenge the athletic elite

With lockdown and self-isolation still in full swing, finding inspiration to work out might be wearing thin for many people.

However, we may have something that could put the pep back into your step with your workouts. What if we told you there’s a way for you to work out with some of the world’s top sports stars right in the comfort of your own home? Well, there is.

Nike has launched the ‘Living Room Cup’, which is a digital workout series where you’re able to compete against some of the brand’s pro athletes in weekly fitness challenges.

So far world renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has led the pack where he encouraged followers to try to beat his “core crusher record”, which entailed him completing an 142 reps in under 45 seconds.

Thousands competed in the challenge across the globe, as well as fellow sports stars.

The footballer then passed the torch onto Italian wheelchair fencer Beatrice Vio, who challenged fans to complete as many ‘full finisher body’ reps they could do in 45 seconds. Vio completed 20 in the allotted time.

This week, next up leading the Living Room Cup is Manchester City football player Leroy Sané who is challenging audiences to beat his ‘side step’ exercises.

Each week the challenge is completed on Instagram, and followers can keep up using the hashtags #playinside and #thelivingroomcup.

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Images: Instagram