OK, so like us, you might not know much about the Super Bowl XLVIII. However, while we may not understand the rules of the game, and we certainly couldn’t tell you the names of the players, we do know what makes a good advert. When it comes to TV commercials they just don’t get better than those showcased during the big game. From A-list actors, superstar musicians and adorable pups, here’s our pick of some of the best.

Ellen DeGeneres For Beats

Time travel with Doritos

British baddies drive Jaguars, apparently

Another car ad (Kia) but with a return of The Matrix

Another retro return, but this time the 1980s courtesy of RadioShack

The Cheerio family are back, and they’re getting bigger

It’s time to bring out the cute puppies, lots of them. Thanks Carmax

Chrysler turned to the legend that is Bob Dylan for their ad

Audi went a little scary with their hybrid offering

For Toyota the Muppets and Terry Crews turned on the entertainment