We’re not afraid to voice our dreams and aspirations on social media, so why are we afraid of pursuing them?

Executive life coach Sophia Fromell, founder of Ithaca Life, presents us with some of the most common stumbling blocks – and shows us how to overcome them.

We all have dreams and aspirations but very few of us have the determination and strength to go after them. A modern day dilemma is that while we may feel ‘stuck’ and unfulfilled with life, at the same time we find it difficult to get out of the ‘rat race’ because we are afraid of losing the life we secretly hate. As a result, we tend to forget the reality that when we follow our dreams and passions, success comes in abundance.

Dreams are fuzzy

While we might have some dreams about what we’d ideally like life to be like (we’d like to have more free time, more money, better relationships, etc…), these dreams are not clear or specific enough to drive us to achieve them. That is why many people would say that they need a change but they do not really know what exactly they want.

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Try this interesting experiment and ask people around you what their goal is. You will find that most people will not be able to answer and if they do, their goal will not be specific enough.

If you do not have a clear goal, start working on one. Think about your passions, interests, childhood dreams, faith and strengths. Use the help of a life coach if you need more structure or support. Remember that if your goal is not specific enough it is like going on holiday without having a destination.

Dreams are fantasies

Sophia Fromell

As young children we are encouraged to use our imagination. We make up stories, we have imaginary friends and wonderful dreams about what and who we want to become when we grow up. As we grow older though, we are conditioned to be practical and realistic and we are encouraged to leave our dreams behind and focus on what is more ‘doable’. Our education system supports this practical approach to life and it seldom encourages the use of imagination.

When Albert Einstein was just 16 years old, he imagined chasing a light beam in his dream. This ‘thought experiment’ led to the development of his special relativity theory. So encourage your imagination – all great things start from a simple thought or dream.

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Dreams are frightening 

Famous American orator, author and mythologist Joseph Campbell once said: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”. Fear is the biggest enemy of our dreams. We often dream of applying for a new job, moving to a new city, or asking out somebody we like, but we allow fear to stop us. Humans are born with only two kinds of fear – fear of falling and fear of loud noises. These fears are part of our natural defence and survival mechanism. All other fears, however, are conditioned into us throughout life.

Fear is one of the most distractive emotions that we can experience in life as it makes us reject what we really want leaving us feeling unfulfilled and ‘stuck’.

It’s never the right time

The difference between people who go after their dreams and people who stay in their cocoons is the first step. The people who go after their dreams know that what kills a great idea is waiting for the right time to come. The people who dare to follow their dreams and succeed in life are specific about what they want and are determined to get it. Steve Jobs once said: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”.

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