A few tips on how to make the most of your NYE in Dubai

When it comes to celebrating New Year’s eve, Dubai is one of the most exciting cities to be. The city comes alive once the clock strikes midnight on December 31, with festivities and fireworks happening at so many places at the same time.
Here are some tips on how to have the best NYE in Dubai:


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Make reservations ahead of time


If you want to celebrate at any restaurant or club, then you have to book at least a month ahead. During NYE almost every place in Dubai will be fully booked, especially if they are close to any attractions such as Burj Khalifa, or Burj Al-Arab.

Arrive early

New Year’s Eve is a massive event in Dubai with so many tourists flying in for the festivities. Traffic builds up quickly, and even though there are additional parking spaces, they still fill up. Therefore, if you have a dinner reservation, we advise that you get there early to avoid getting stuck in traffic, or spending hours looking for parking. Another thing you could do, is carpool with friends if you are going out with a group.

Use public transportation

With hours away from the new year, roads become extremely congested, as residents and tourists alike take to the streets to celebrate. Also, it is not unusual for some roads to be closed, or to find that police have restricted access to arterial roads. If you decide to rely on public transport, we advise that you keep to date with the metro and bus schedule, so you do not miss any of them.

Saving money

If you are looking to save money this year, then maybe you could consider a dish party with friends. Another idea would be to leave the city behind and head out to the dessert. You and friends could gather at Qudra lakes and have a bbq, sitting around a bonfire.

Carry essentials

Due to the traffic and the amount of people who come into the city for the night, there is a high chance that you will have to walk at one point. Especially if you are planning on spending the celebrations at Downtown Dubai and Palm Jumeirah neighborhoods. We know that NYE is a time to be stylish, but we recommend that you take comfort into consideration when you are dressing to impress. Maybe keep an additional pair of comfortable shoes on hand. We also recommend that you carry a jacket or layer up, as it may get slightly chilly at night.

We wish you a happy new year!

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