After YouGov research revealed that 77 per cent of mums in the UAE would like to return to work after having a baby, a local recruitment firm has stepped up and and backed a new scheme that will help mummies get back in of the office.

While being a mum is a full-time job in itself, many women still want to return to work after giving birth – albeit not straight away. Taking this into account a new company, Mums@Work, has launched to ensure women in the UAE don’t have to choose between a family and their careers.

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A survey by Mums@Work, a new initiative providing mums the opportunity to return to the workplace in a flexible manner, revealed that 38 per cent of women felt their biggest barrier was the lack of part time or flexible working roles. Maternity leave in the UAE is 45 days, and while many of the mums interviewed stated they wanted to return to work, most said juggling a new family and also a full-time role is extremely challenging.

The research also revealed that the number one driver for mums returning to work was financial stability, with 19 per cent returning for the independence that comes with employment.

Louise Karim musm@owrk

Mums@Work founder David Mackenzie (he also set up Mackenzie Jones) and Managing Director Louise Karim

Responding to the results of the survey and the YouGov research, Louise Karim started Mums@Work, getting financial backing from Mackenzie Jones, a GCC recruitment firm. The company aims to help mums achieve perfect balance between motherhood and career. Tapping into the wealth of talent and connecting mums with potential employers who are looking to fill full-time and part-time roles.

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“Mums@Work is here to help,” said Karim. “We are not only connecting candidates and clients – we go way beyond this. We are here to guide, mentor and ensure that these women have the skills and confidence they need to get the jobs they want. We also want to make sure that they have the choices and right working hours to suit their families. Gone are the days when women have to choose between and family and their careers.”

Those looking to register their interest, whether as a candidate or client can visit: