As 2021 draws to a close, our lifestyles go one of two ways; becoming socialites or hermits. Whatever the lifestyle choice, time in front of the TV increases so Netflix’s new releases are sure to keep you entertained through the month of December.

Whether you need an ‘easy-watch’ after a late night and early morning, a series to binge-watch or just something to keep you awake past 9pm, Netflix is probably your go-to.

That’s why Emirates Woman has curated the top new additions to the streaming service to watch this month.

The Unforgiveable

Sandra Bullock plays Ruth Slater, a woman convicted of murder who is released from prison back into society. Written by Christopher McQuarrie and Scott Frank, the story follows Ruth as she attempts to put her life together along with finding her little sister who she was forced to leave behind.

Emily in Paris Season 2

On December 22nd, season 2 of Emily in Paris will be available on Netflix. The Emmy nominated and Golden Globe-nominated series follows Emily on her adventures in Paris. The first series followed Lily Collins as Emily portraying a young American woman, who is finding her feet in France whilst juggling work, friends and love. The second series is sure to have more humor, romance and fashionable outfits than the first.

Anonymously Yours

A Mexican film directed by Maria Torres, Anonymously Yours is a heartwarming romance film that was released on Netflix on December 10th. It follows two teenagers and their love story that follows an accidental text message that turns into a digital friendship without realising they have already met in real life.

The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter will be in cinemas from 17th December and on Netflix from 31st. The Best Screenplay winner at Venice Film Festival that stars Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson and was Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut is a riveting tale. A quaint seaside vacation takes an unexpected turn when a woman staying at a nearby villa evokes memories of her past.

Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up debuted in cinemas on 10th December and will be released on Netflix on 24th December. Directed by Adam McKay and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence who play two astronomers who attempt to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy earth.

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Images: Netflix