Italian luxury brand Loro Piana is known for specialising in high-end luxury and wool product.

The e-commerce site recently launched a Wellbeing Collection with a wellness advocate Christy Turlington Burns and celebrated photographer, Pamela Hanson. The looks have been displayed in a series of clips in the golden autumn light on a Hamptons beach by transforming wellness through aesthetic functional activewear.

In the interview below, Turlington Burns, one of the most admired and respected champions of Wellbeing in the industry, discusses the inspiration behind the collection and how she embraces balance.

How do embrace the new balance between your professional life and everyday wellbeing activities in the current situation? How much time do you dedicate to physical training and meditation?

I cannot imagine my life without yoga, meditation and other fitness activities. They’ve been a part of my life for so long. I have a different appreciation for these practices now though. I haven’t had such a steady practice in years because of travel and other commitments that make it hard to keep a routine. I am so grateful for my health and the ability to move my body and build strength daily.


Being comfortable at home has never been so relevant. How did Loro Piana products make you feel during the shooting? How did you perceive the sense of touch whilst wearing them? Did it make a tangible difference?

These products feel incredible and are so comfortable you really do want to live in them, but they are also elegant and put together at the same time.

In your opinion, is functionality a distinctive characteristic of Loro Piana’s Wellbeing Collection? How important is function in your daily routine and the looks and tools you work with?

Functionality is important, as is wellness and wellbeing in every aspect of my life. These days my life is more integrated than ever before so dressing for a day that includes taking care of my family and myself as well as interacting with colleagues and partners throughout the day is more fluid than ever before.

In a world surrounded by fast-fashion brands and wastefulness, how important is sustainability? As a mother, do you value this aspect even more? Is it a relevant factor in considering partnerships and associations?

Sustainability is important to me, as a woman and as a mother. My children are incredibly active socially and pay attention to the choices I make. It’s important to set positive examples for them and others who may be influenced by me. I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Please tell us more about your ‘Every Mother Counts’ organisation. What drives you to work and fight for this meaningful project? Do you have any upcoming activities planned?

I founded the non-profit Every Mother Counts ten years ago with a mission to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. We work to achieve quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care for all by giving grants and working with partners and thought leaders to increase awareness and mobilize communities to take action. I experienced a postpartum complication after delivering my daughter, seventeen years ago now, and learned that hundreds of thousands of girls and women die from similar complications simply because they don’t have access to care that could prevent these tragic events. We have our 7th annual LoveEMC event coming up on December 1st, Giving Tuesday. This year’s event will be virtual but will be as special as previous years with a few special guest performers and an incredible silent auction curated with the help of our friends at Sotheby’s NY. All funds raised will go toward our work supporting COVID-19 related efforts and birth justice in the U.S. and around the world.

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Images: Supplied, Photography by Pamela Hanson