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There’s nothing like a new piece of sparkle to distract us for a moment. Whether you dress up or dress down, jewellery is still part of our daily look, instantly making us feel like we have it together.

Adding to box of treasures is a new Dubai-based brand Tales of Gems that focuses on modern and simple pieces that effortlessly compliment any outfit.

New Dubai-based jewellery tales of gem

Focusing on a unique, timeless design aesthetic with a contemporary twist, this fine jewellery brand celebrates a different gem with each new collection.


Combining her love for jewellery with her life experiences, Emirati designer and entrepreneur Shaima Nasser aims to reshape how we perceive contemporary pieces. 

Exceptional craftsmanship and thorough attention to detail is what sets Tales of Gems from other newbie brands on the market.

New Dubai-based jewellery tales of gem

Adding a little elegance to your routine, the debut Topaz collection comprises of five sub collections that all interpret this semi-precious stone across some of the most iconic cuts.

Eternal Emerald edit is our top pick as it beautifully celebrates one of the first and oldest cuts of diamonds and other precious stones. They have long, rectangular facets, and make a sophisticated statement in any piece of jewellery.

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