He revolutionised New York nightlife with The Box and then scandalised the London social scene by introducing the UK version of the raunchy burlesque club. Not content with shaking up the world’s party capitals, club owner Simon Hammerstein then set his sights on the bright lights of Las Vegas, opening The Act, which the bearded, British entrepreneur describes as “uniquely decadent” and a place for people to “rage”.

Certainly becoming all the rage, the club intertwines theatre, party and debauchery, making for one exceptional night out.

Now, the grandson of lyricist and Broadway impresario Oscar, and former raver and pals to the stars, is ready to inject some wicked indulgence to Dubai’s nightlife with the opening of his new club The Act Dubai at the Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, at the end of this month.

Emirates Woman caught up with the incredibly dapper party man…

Why invest in a club in Dubai?

I have visited Dubai a couple of times and I love the people and energy that has so there was no reason not to look at opening one of my concepts here.

Explain the concept behind The Act Dubai

The Act Dubai will be located across the 42nd 43rd floors of the Shangri-La Hotel so not only will the views be fantastic but it will also be the highest theatre in the world! It will have incredible live performances from all over the world but with more of an emphasis on humour, skill and spectacle. We are still looking to push the boundaries where we can, to bring a diverse and unique concept to Dubai nightlife.

How will you be able to push the limits with your raunchy routines?

Of course, we are limited a little by what we can do within Dubai with regards to the acts that we bring in but that is not to say that we won’t be thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries! Watch this space…

How does the New York fashion and nightlife scene compare to that in Dubai?

I’ve only been a few times but I was surprised at how cool everyone looked and how much fun everyone was having. The world is getting smaller and smaller and ideas and trends spread very quickly these days.

How do you hope to transform the scene in the UAE?

I’d love to add a touch humour and romance to the nightlife scene.

interior-#![5]A taste of what we have to come: The Act Las Vegas

What makes a great night out?

Making new friends, dancing till your feet hurt and learning about something you never knew existed.

In your opinion, what celebrities are the best party goers?

The single ones! They know how to have fun.

155044846DT001_Simon_HammerWith his celeb pals.

What makes a great party goer?

A positive outlook on life and a hunger for new experiences.

What should one wear when going to The Box or The Act Dubai?

Anything that makes you feel glamorous. There are no strict rules but you should feel great and be able to enjoy yourself.

What fashion styles would you turn away?

If someone has style it doesn’t matter what fashion branch it’s from.

Describe your own style?

Savile Row tailoring meets NY attitude.

How does your style for work differ from your downtime style?

At work I like to outdress everyone. When not at work I like to do the opposite.

What’s your best nightlife story?

Way too many to tell. I’ll save them for my autobiography.