Yes, the cost of petrol is low but that seems to be the only benefit sometimes when it comes to owning a car in the UAE. With car repairs often costing us a small fortune for the smallest of prangs, but not anymore….

If you own a car, you’re going to have to deal with the almost inevitable headache of car dents and dings at some point, but forget the expensive paint jobs and trips to auto workshops because Dubai’s new team of dent superheroes have just flown into town.

Automotive Repair System's Dubai-based Denver Govender

Automotive Repair System’s Dubai-based Denver Govender

British owned and run Automotive Repair Systems have launched in Dubai and will no doubt save drivers in the region a few dirhams. The incredibly affordable, while-you-wait Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) service will cost you less than the cost of brunch to have all the dents in your car massaged and smoothed out. Not only are they quick, thorough and incredibly professional, you can even text or WhatsApp photos of your dents to Operations Manager Thomas Hick in order to receive a quote.

So, this is where we get technical, using an combination of 32 specially designed PDR tools and a push-and-pull method that tackles the dent from the inside, Automotive Repair Systems smooth out an entire car in less than an hour. The average cost for the PDR service starts from Dhs450 – and we know you’ve spent more than that on your weekend entertainment.

In order to avoid a call to Automotive Repair Systems in the first place, here are three easy but effective tips to avoid door dings and body damage:

Park away from other vehicles. It might be less convenient but stepping away from the crowd and parking properly inside the lines will avoid accidental bashes to doors.`

Open your door slowly. As excited as you might be to reach your destination, calm and cool will prevent accidents.

Teach the kids to be careful. Unless you’ve taught them that cars are expensive and need to be treated very carefully, flying doors open onto curbs should really be expected.

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