Say hello to the wonder product that tames frizz, cures stretch marks, soothes skin and is 100 per cent natural. Don’t be shy – crack open a coconut and reap the beauty benefits.


Make-Up Remover
Apply to a cotton pad and wipe to melt away your make-up including waterproof mascara

Body Moisturiser
Slather on the oil straight after a shower and watch your stretch marks disappear

Make-Up Brush Cleaner
Nourish and clean your brushes by mixing one part oil with two parts washing up liquid

Cuticle Oil
Heal extension-ravaged nails by soaking your tips in a coconut solution once a week

Body Scrub
Use equal parts coconut oil and brown sugar to create      a deliciously gentle exfoliator

Hair Conditioner
Thanks to their fatty acids coconut oil helps seal hair cuticles living you with fewer split ends

Lip Balm
It makes a great organic alternative to chemical-filled lip balms

Shaving Cream
If you suffer from sensitive skin swap your shaving foam for a slick of oil

Hand Soap
Thanks to their antibacterial properties you can also use this multi-tasker to wash away any harmful germs

Foot Soother
Heal raw blisters by dabbing a soothing cotton pad soaked in coconut oil over the area

Swill around your teeth after eating for fresher breath

Main Image: 1. Virgin Coconut Oil Dhs34 Organic Larder at The Organic Foods & Café  2. Hydrating Coconut Cream Dhs10 Jergens  3. Trichomania Coconut-Infused Shampoo Dhs52 Lush  4. Amino Acid Shampoo Dhs120 Kiehl’s  5. Almond Coconut Milk Crème Body Wash Dhs276 Laura Mercier at Bloomingdale’s  6. Neem & Coconut hair treatment oil Dhs213 Sundari  7. coconut body butter Dhs75 the body shop  8. Ocean Salt Scrub Dhs145 Lush  9. Coconut All-In-One Hair Treatment Dhs100 UniqOne

 Fashion and Beauty Assistant Carmel Gill  | Photography Farooq Salik