Nannies are a big influence in many children’s lives, so it’s important that they set a good example. Future Kids Accelerated Learning Centre is launching a Nanny Training programme this December, which aims to equip nannies with the skills and knowledge necessary for looking after a child. 

The Nanny Training programme lasts three and a half hours, and covers various nanny-related topics including nutrition, general safety, hygiene, first aid and stimulating activities to do around the home.

“So many of us leave our children with nannies every day, and they become a child’s role model,” says Director Samantha Malkoun of the importance to ensure your nanny has the right kind of training. “It is vital that we share all the information and skills that nannies need to look after our children; not only from a knowledge perspective but from a communication and engagement one too.”

December’s classes will take place on Thursday December 5 at 6pm until 9.30pm and on Tuesday December 10 from 10am–1.30pm. Classes will be taught in English and Tagalog. The programme costs Dhs500 and every attendee will receive a Future Kids Certification, a take-home pack including recipe cards and activity guides, as well as follow-up support. For further information or to book call (056) 7085658, or email info@futurekids.ae

Jo Frost is one of the most famous nanny’s in the UK and USA thanks to her hugely successful programme, Supernanny. Here, are some of her top tips for avoiding tantrums…

  • ‘Toddler-proof’ your home by placing dangerous or breakable things out of reach.
  • Have clear routines to your child’s day, for example regular lunch, nap, bath and bedtimes.
  • Plan ahead, keeping an eye on frustration levels so you can step in before they go over the top.
  • Provide lots of opportunities to let off steam every day – running around outside, at the playground, dancing to music etc…
  • Give children some control and choice over what to eat, wear or play with.
  • Use distractions and diversions for as long as they work – a new toy, a changed activity, a song or game.
  • As children reach pre-school age, discuss how you want them to behave in different situations and have clear, simple rules.

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