He allegedly shot an intruder

According to Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency, Nancy Ajram’s husband, celebrity dentist Fadi Al Hashem was charged with intentional murder on Wednesday.

“The public prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, called on the husband of pop star Nancy Ajram, Dr Fadi Al Hashem, for a full investigation,” said a statement by the news agency. Al Hashem has since been referred to the first investigative judge for Mount Lebanon.

Last week, the dentist shot a man in his house 16 times, killing him. When news broke out, Al Hashem revealed that the armed intruder broke into his house, attempting to enter his daughter’s room, which is when shots were fired. After the incident the pop-star’s husband was taken in for questioning by the judge and then released.

Initially, the case was treated as self-defence, until the family of the deceased, Mohammed Hassan Al Moussa, 30, called for further investigation, stating that their son worked for Nancy and her husband. Moreover, a judicial source informed Lebanon’s MTV that Al Moussa’s gun turned out to be a fake.

CCTV footage of the attack was broadcast by MTV and quickly went viral. In the video, Al Moussa can be seen pointing his gun at the doctor, threatening him. Al Hashem told MTV that the intruder was holding one of Nancy’s handbags, asking for money. The doctor complied, giving him cash from his jacket, but then Al Moussa asked: “Where is the gold? Don’t make me hurt you. Call your wife.”

The doctor then revealed that he “lost his mind” when he noticed that Al Moussa had entered his young daughters’ bedroom. “I ran to him like a kamikaze. I wanted to cut him into pieces. Even if he shot me,” he told MTV. According to Al-Bayan newspaper, the doctor was arrested again after the investigation found him guilty of tampering with the footage of the break-in.

The pop-singer held a tense press conference at her place on January 7, addressing the issue for the first time. Nancy asked the public to put themselves in her husband’s shoes. “First of all, Fadi is a father and a husband, he has responsibilities. He is a human being,” she said.

“This is why Fadi, I and our families wished this did not happen, and I would like to offer my condolences for his [the assailant’s] family, mother and wife. Of course, we wish this did not happen to us, but this is due to circumstances, any father would respond if his family is touched by a mere speck of dust.”

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