Think Dior and Georges Hobeika.

It’s not hard to find examples of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram looking amazing, but we think you’ll particularly enjoy these recent examples.

Just this past weekend, Ajram performed at Dubai’s Dragon Mart 2 to a packed-out crowd. She looked stunning, of course, and her outfit was by Dior.

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With a black bodice and sheer dark brown skirt with  black polka dots, Ajram looked extremely glam.

Here’s a the full look:

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And a look at those Dragon Mart crowds we mentioned…

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We’d want to dress up to front to that many people, too. Please note Ajram’s rather lovely heels, as well.

A little earlier in April, Ajram wore a stunning silver gown from Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika.

With a slinky silhouette, long sleeves and a V neck,  it’s a very sultry number. Just right for the Murex D’or Awards ceremony, wouldn’t you agree?

(There’s a second picture in that Instagram post, by the way, if you click over.)

It’s not the first time Ajram has worn Hobeika to perform in Dubai, either. Back in February, she donned an off-the-shoulder gown from the designer for her gig at Global Village.

For your reference:

On my way to the stage #Dubai #GlobalVillage

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Hey, why mess with success, right?

We’ll keep you up to day as Ajram continues to wear fabulous clothes.

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Images: Nancy Ajram/Instagram, Georges Hobeika/Instagram