Her comedy series debut

Nancy Ajram is commencing a career-first this Ramadan.

The Lebanese singer will star in the comedy series Nesaa men Dahab (Women from Gold), according to the Egypt Independent. The TV show stars Egyptian actresses Nabila Ebeid and Nadia el-Gendy and is set to air on television this Ramadan.

Nancy is set to guest star in an episode, and is reportedly set to sing in a wedding scene.

In addition, Nancy, 36, is set to perform the new TV show’s theme song written by Tamer Hussein, arranged by Ahmed Ibrahim and composed by Walid Saad.

At the centre of the show’s plot is two women who are friends, played by Nabila and Nadia. The pair buy a villa together, but soon find out they have been exploited by the former owner. This mishap leads to a series of other wrong turns and tests the friendship of the two women.

Filming for the show has reportedly already begun in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.


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The news of Nancy’s new project comes after a difficult star to the year for the singer and her family.

An armed thief broke into the Arab Idol judge’s family home in Beirut, but was fatally shot down by her husband, celebrity dentist Fadi Al Hashem. It is believed that Nancy and her three daughters were home at the time of the shooting.

Speaking about the incident to LBCI Lebanon News a few days after it occurred, Nancy admitted she and her husband “wished this did not happen” and offered her condolences to the assailant’s family.

“Of course, we wish this did not happen to us, but this is due to circumstances, any father would respond if his family is touched by a mere speck of dust,” she said.

The singer also admitted the situation had left her “shaking and in an indescribable condition”.

Initially, the case was treated as self defence, until the family of the deceased intruder, Mohammed Hassan Al Moussa, 30, called for further investigation, claiming their son worked for Nancy and her husband.

Moreover, a judicial source informed Lebanon’s MTV that Al Moussa’s gun turned out to be a fake. A trial is reportedly currently underway.

Last year, Nancy opened up to Emirates Woman about her key to success explaining that for everyone it’s down to “perseverance, hard work and commitment”.

“I’ve worked so hard and I’ve made very good choices, so I reached where I am because of people’s love and appreciation,” she said. “I’m very grateful for that.”

However, the uphill battle to success hasn’t been easy for the Lebanese singer who admitted she has “faced many obstacles” throughout her career, but believes by working hard and doing your best results can be achieved.

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