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Last week, Lebanese pop-singer, Nancy Ajram’s house was broken into. The attempted burglary ended with the death of the assailant, who was shot by the star’s husband, celebrity dentist Fadi Al Hashem.

CCTV footage of the attack went viral on social media, which showed the attacker pointing his gun and shooting at Al Hashem. Then the footage cut to the assailant making his way to one of the rooms in house only to be met with the doctor, who chases after the intruder before shooting him.

According to Al-Bayan newspaper, the celebrity dentist has been arrested after the investigation found him guilty of tampering with the footage of the break-in. Lebanese media reported that Al-Hashem was arrested last night for questioning after the emergence of new evidence. It is also expected that Nancy will be upon in the coming hours for questioning as well.

According to The National, Al-Hashem spoke to local television network MTV, telling them that the intruder, who was identified as 30-year-old Mohammed Hassan Al Moussa was holding one of Ajram’s handbags, asking for money. The doctor complied, giving him cash from his jacket, but then Al Moussa asked: “Where is the gold? Don’t make me hurt you. Call your wife.”


The doctor then revealed that he “lost his mind” when he noticed that Al Moussa had entered his young daughters’ bedroom. “I ran to him like a kamikaze. I wanted to cut him into pieces. Even if he shot me,” he told MTV.


However, according to Lebanese media, the family of the deceased denied these claims, stating that Al-Mousa used to work for Nancy and her husband. They claimed that their son went to ask for his rights before getting shot by the dentist.


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It is worth noting that Al Hashem was previously detained and was ordered by Mount Lebanon Public Prosecutor Ghada Aoun  to be transferred to hospital shortly after his arrest and NNA confirmed that this was due to his “deteriorating mental health”.

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