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Yesterday, Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram’s husband, celebrity dentist Fadi Al Hashem, shot and killed an armed thief who broke into their house in Beirut.

It has been reported that the assailant climbed up the walls of the pop-star’s house before evading three security guards. He later made into the property, coming head-to-head with Al Hashem. After an exchange of fire, the dentist killed the invader before police arrived onto the scene. It is believed that Nancy and her three daughters were home at the time of the shooting.

Lebanese broadcaster MTV aired CCTV footage from the robbery, which showed the attacker pointing his gun and shooting at Al Hashem. Then the footage cut to the assailant making his way to one of the rooms in house only to be met with the doctor, who chases after the intruder. The video ends with the celebrity dentist shooting at a figure who wasn’t in the screen. Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency, revealed that an arrest warrant was Al Hashem and an investigation is underway.

According to reports, the robber was a 30-year-old Syrian called Mohamed Hasan Al Mousa. Nancy hasn’t made an official statement yet, but a photo making its way around the internet shows the singer with a minor injury in her right leg. The video of the attack went viral on social media, with several Arab stars voicing their support for the pop-star.


Lebanese singer Elissa took to Twitter, rallying behind Nancy. She tweeted: “Thank God for your safety and your family and daughters. I can’t imagine what an ugly thing has happened. Thank God, you are okay. May God protect you and your family.”

Also Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki took to Instagram, sharing a picture of Nancy and her family. He wrote: “Thank God for your safety, Nancy. May God protect you, your daughters and your family from evil.”


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Emirati-Yemeni singer Balqees tweeted: “Thank God for your and your family’s safety. May God protect you from all harm.” Moreover, Lebanese songstress, Cyrine Abdel Nour also took to Twitter, sharing a photo of Nancy and her injury. She said: “Frankly, I can’t comprehend how heinous this news is. We thank God you and your family are safe and may God protect you and us from all this chaos.”

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