Want skin like hers? Follow these steps…

Over the years, Lebanese actress, Nadine Njeim has captivated audiences with her talent, style and extreme beauty. Crowned Miss Lebanon in 2004, it is not hard to see why fans are obsessed with her looks, and why she has become a beauty icon in the region.

According to Jamalouki, these five steps are Nadine’s secret for a clear and glowing face.


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Getting rid of pimples

In an interview, the actress revealed that she rarely gets pimples, but, when she does, she follows an all natural routine to get rid of it. She applies a natural blend based on just three ingredients: Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (to shrink pores); a drop of olive oil (she uses just a drop because she has oily skin); and a lemon squeeze (to treat the acne). After preparing the recipe, Nadine dabs a cotton pad with it on her face, focusing on her T-zone. In an interview, she revealed that she repeats this process every 48 hours.

For fresh and glowing skin

For her beauty routine, the 35-year-old likes to mostly use natural blends that could be found at any home. When it comes to her glowing skin, she makes a face mask of: milk, yogurt and rose water. She leaves the mask on for a few minutes before washing her face, which helps purify her skin from dirt and rejuvenate it.

For pure skin

Throughout the day, the former Miss Lebanon turns to drinking tea as an alternative to water. This is because tea contains antioxidants, which helps in moisturising and purifying her skin during the day.

To get rid of puffy eyes

As an actress, Nadine films for long hours and frequently shoots tragic scenes that involve lots of crying, which would lead to puffy eyes. So, to get rid of these swollen eyes, she simply cuts of cucumbers and applies them to her eyes to get rid of puffiness and dark circles.

For youthful skin

Not only does the actress aim to have clear, glowing skin, she also wants her face to look youthful. For this, she applies a mask mixture, made of: baking soda, lemon juice and olive oil. She leaves it on for a few minutes before washing her face. This helps her get rid of wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Brb, we will be following these simple steps for incredible skin!

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