Not ones to shy away from breaking boundaries in luxury watch design, the team at Roger Dubuis have done it again unveiling the Platinum Edition Excalibur Monobalancier just in time for the busy season.

Designed to capture and create excitement, the watch comes in a unique eye-catching vivid mint green colour that is associated with platinum material and proudly showcases the results of Roger Dubuis’ daring design and extreme craftsmanship.

The Excalibur Monobalancier Platinum Edition is made with extremely precious and rare platinum metal, three times harder than gold so rest assured it can withstand any tough adventures you find yourself on whilst the brilliance remains apparent without compromising on the luxury watchmaker’s signature shape.

The 42mm face features a daringly disruptive skeleton automatic monobalancier and the theme is reinforced with the split hands and the v-shaped indexes infused with clean intricate lines and the signature star that is recrafted to levitate freely above the barrel, staying true to the Maison’s expressive signature design.

A transparent view unveils the self-winding movement held directly on the inimitable Roger Dubuis star, the new calibre invites the wearer to dive in and survey the interior of the watchmaking the signature skeleton an accomplishment mastered by the brand.

The striking new timepiece is made for those who choose to go bigger and bolder.

Price: Dhs356,000

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Images: Supplied