Modest fashion goes minimal

If you are on the look out for a fresh and new ready-to-wear take on modest fashion, then Mye should be on your radar. The homegrown brand was founded by Bahrain native Abeer AlMoawdah, and specialises in combining timeless tailoring and a palette of pastels.

Emirates Woman interviewed Abeer to know the inspiration behind the brand and her pieces, and how modest fashion caters to all women, instead of just conservative ones.

When did you launch the brand? What is the story behind it?

The brand started as an idea that I had been working on for a long time, and in January 2019, we officially launched it across the region. The story of Mye started when we spotted a gap in the market for a brand which offers exquisite clothing that can be worn from work to weekend. We always wanted to cater to the inspiring women who have busy lifestyles but still want to look effortlessly elegant. Each piece is designed with luxurious fabric, thoughtful designs and most importantly impeccable quality. The collections aim to offer an exquisite selection of clothing which are minimal with a beautiful twist, taking a classic look and reimagining it for the Mye women.

What is the inspiration behind your pieces?

A: Our collections have been created with strong, powerful women in mind – women who are fearless, brave and determined in their own way. We love reading about great examples of women who have made a difference in the world. As a brand, we like to describe Mye’s clientele as “women with beautiful souls, women who live with purpose and women on the rise”. There are so many examples of these amazing women across the globe who inspire us every day. It could be a mother who is doing her best to create a prosperous future for her children, to a lady who leaves a footprint in her lifetime and inspires many. Our designs speak to these inspiring women, who we imagine when creating our pieces.



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What is the key element when it comes to designing a modest collection?

A: We think of our collections as timeless and versatile pieces catered to all women and each item has been designed for every woman’s busy lifestyle. Each woman defines modesty in her own individual way, and at Mye, we don’t aim to define modesty, we simply create elegant and timeless pieces which speak to women across the globe. A shirt for example can be styled differently from one woman to another with a completely different look every time.

When we are designing a collection, we focus first on quality, fabric and colour. We then look at how we can create pieces which are elegant, comfortable and distinctive. Elegant – because we want women to look and feel great through thoughtful designs and beautiful fabric. Comfort – because we understand she has a hectic lifestyle so we translate it into easy wearable silhouettes. And distinctive, because we know she likes to look unique and not just follow trends. We translate this through the subtle details such as the buttons, cuffs and bold cuts.

What is the design process like for you?

We have an amazing team and our mood sets the tone for the collections every season. After researching themes and creating our mood board, the exciting part starts in sourcing our fabrics. The luxurious fabrics we source always inspire us into creating many of our designs and bold cuts. We then bring our designs to life through sampling each one ensuring they meet the three elements we always aim to achieve – elegance, comfort and distinctiveness.


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What do you feel is a misconception that people often have when it comes to modest fashion?

Sometimes it might be thought that it is catered to a specific woman, when in reality every woman across the globe has pieces that are considered modest in her closet.

What has been your biggest obstacle?

Mye produces beautiful and quality made clothing in the finest materials while providing our clients the best value. This can be challenging in the fashion industry, but we will always work towards it.

What is your greatest achievement?

We have very high expectations of Mye and are incredibly proud to see the brand move in the right direction towards our greater vision, which always gives us great pleasure. We are fortunate to have amazing clients who love the brand and this brings us pure joy.

What is your favourite piece from your designs?

We only launch pieces that we are literally in love with, but one of the pieces that has received exceptional appreciation from our clients was our flowy cotton silk dress in coral stripes.


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What do you think of the current rise of the modest fashion industry, and how many designer brands are starting to embrace it?

I believe it’s great that across the globe brands are embracing modest fashion and providing women with greater options to choose from where it was quite limited. I personally love what The Modist is doing and really excited that it has been initiated from our region.

How can people buy your designs?

All items are available through the brand’s online store and can also be viewed on our instagram page @myelabel

What is next for Mye?

We have a vision to truly make a difference and we can’t wait to see this as the brand grows.

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