The UAE continues to be a hub for budding artists, particularly in the capital.

Adding to Abu Dhabi’s burgeoning art scene, a never-before-seen exhibition is set to open at the NYUAD Gallery later this year and is set to document modern art movements in the Arabian Peninsula.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

The theme

The exhibition titled ‘Khaleej Modern: Pioneers and Collectives in the Arabian Peninsula, 1941-2008’, compiled and led by Dr. Aisha Stoby, will be displaying several art pieces all by a range of diverse communities and collectives.

The exhibition itself will be the first historical survey of its kind to display modern movements and visual arts across the Arabian Peninsula.

Dr Stoby herself explains the showcase aims to change the narrative surrounding the region. “This project responds to emerging debates around recentering art narratives, toward a more nuanced and inclusive appreciation of global art histories,” she says.

The curator

5_Nasser Al-Yousif_Our Green Land

The unique artworks have been carefully hand-selected by Dr. Stoby who also helped curated the inaugural Oman Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Dr. Stoby is using her PhD research on the region’s ‘pre-boom era’, focusing on when oil was discovered and how artistsm as well as the people of the region, adapted to the life-changing moment of the country.

The artists

The exhibition will feature artists as far back as 1938 derived from Saudi Arabia’s rich and modern art community with the likes of, Mohammed Racim, Mounirah Mosly, Abdulhalim Al Radwi and Abdullah Al Shaikh.

The dates

The display will be open to the public from September 6, 2022 until December 11, 2022.

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