With Mother’s Day on March 21, we spoke asked two generations of Dubai-based beauties to reveal their treasured grooming secrets handed down from mother to daughter. Name: Lama Sadiq Azzam

Occupation: Co-Owner of Socialista Boutique

“I’ve always been the girly girl, so playing with my mum’s make-up is one of my earliest memories. Maybe I overdid it when I was a little younger because now I favour a more classic, neutral look. My mum really didn’t approve of my dyed hair when I was a teenager, but she’s happier now I’ve settled on natural sleek locks – definitely more up her street. If I had to pass any beauty lessons onto my daughter they would probably echo mum’s mantra: ‘Beauty comes from within.’”


Dalia and Lama with their mum Zulfa

Name: Dalia Sadiq Chebaro

Occupation: Co-Owner of Socialista Boutique

“Like my sister Lama, I’ve always favoured the laidback, beach babe look – growing up in California does that to you! The smell of my mum’s Hypnotic Poison perfume takes me back to my childhood, as does a whiff of hairspray, which takes pride of place on her vanity table. She tends to disapprove of OTT make-up, especially around the eyes. But as I’m blonde and she’s brunette, I always say to her I can get away with being more playful in the beauty department than she can.”


Zeina and Yeganesh

Name: Zeina Abdalla

Occupation: Founder and Managing Director of Fishfayce and Co-Founder of Moushii “I spend more time applying my make-up than my mum does. She does have her signature shade of pink Chanel lipstick that I’ll forever associate with her. She taught me many invaluable life and beauty lessons, but most importantly to stick to a skincare brand that I like and not just snap up the next miracle cream on the market, which, I do ignore sometimes, especially when La Prairie has a new line out!”


Reema and Rawda

Name: Reema Al Banna

Occupation: Fashion designer and Founder of Reemami

“I’ve come along way with my beauty look. I remember being about six years old and using my mum’s eyeliner to draw all over my face as I tried to emulate her signature kohl eyes. Luckily, I’ve perfected the art of the retro eyeliner flick now, but whenever I use a sharp black pencil I always think of her. She’s been very supportive of my many make-overs throughout the years but I think she’ll agree that I look a lot better now I’ve given up my tanning addiction!”


Amy and Alison

Name: Amy Denny

Occupation: PR Associate at Copia Communications

“Fitness, health and eating right were always the hot topics of conversation in our household, so I will definitely pass the importance of taking care of yourself from within to my future kids. Mum doesn’t have an extensive make-up collection but she’s never without a slick of black Bobbi Brown mascara. Dark eyes really suit her. I tend to take a cue from her ‘less is more’ approach to all things beauty and try to work with my natural features.”


Photography by: Vikram Gawde and Farooq Salik

Hair provided by Marquee Salon (marquee.ae)

Jewels by Sophie’s Closet